Apache Module mod_access_dnsbl

Description: Prohibits or grants access dependent on the presence of user's IP address on DNSBLs
Status: External
Module Identifier: access_dnsbl_module
Source File: mod_access_dnsbl.c

Many web sites allow the public to provide content, from simple guestbook applications through fora to wikis and beyond. However, the regulation (or moderation) of such content is a thankless task. The more technological solutions to the problem of "comment spam" the better.

mod_access_dnsbl provides a helping hand. It allows the webmaster to specify access controls in a similar fashion to mod_authz_host or mod_access, but rather than basing the decision on whether the client IP address matches a static pattern, instead this module checks it against an administrator-supplied list of DNSBL zones.

Requires: mod_dnsbl_lookup ≥ 0.91, Apache 2.x

Release Status: Beta

Download: version 0.02, PGP, MD5.

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Legacy versions

These older versions are provided for reference only. For production environments, please use the latest stable version above.

Download: version 0.01, PGP, MD5.