Installing mod_access_dnsbl

Before installing mod_access_dnsbl you will need to download and install the prerequisite mod_dnsbl_lookup. Once you have done that, it will be necessary to copy the header file dnsbl_lookup.h from that distribution into your apache headers directory. eg:

$ cp dnsbl_lookup.h /etc/httpd/include/

but using your own include directory if it differs from the above. Having done that follow these steps to install mod_access_dnsbl itself.

  1. Download the latest stable version and its PGP signature.
  2. Verify the signature:
    $ gpg --verify mod_access_dnsbl-0.02.tgz.asc
  3. Unpack the tarball:
    $ tar xzf mod_access_dnsbl-0.02.tgz
    $ cd mod_access_dnsbl-0.02
  4. Install with apxs:
    $ apxs -cia mod_access_dnsbl.c

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